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Howlers Peak Rope Course

Conquer the Heights of Howlers Peak Ropes Course in the Pocono Mountains

Are you looking for a fun and thrilling activity on your vacation in the Pocono Mountains? Look no further than Howlers Peak Ropes Course! This adventure course is perfect for families, offering heights of up to 50 feet, challenging obstacles, and plenty of opportunities to test your balance. With its unique combination of physical activity and strategic thinking, it’s sure to be a great family bonding experience that gets all the energy out of the little ones.

Some of the Challenges You Will Encounter at the Rope Course

The Howlers Peak Ropes Course is no walk in the park! For those who are up for a daring challenge, you will have to be ready to conquer obstacles like ziplines from a dizzying height of 50 feet and balancing on wires while mustering up the upper body strength necessary to keep yourself hanging with swinging ropes above. You’ll need determination as you tackle course stage towers, all while being strapped into harnesses, carefully monitored by professional staff. It’s an intimidating activity, but if you face your fear head-on you could be proud of reaching amazing heights – both literal and figurative!

This Rope Course Sounds Like Fun Right?

If you’re planning to visit this rope course, you might actually be planning a vacation right now. If you are, we invite you to browse our Pocono cabins and see if our inventory has all the amenities you need in close proximity to the Howlers Rope Park.